Calm Cappuccino

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The Ruffle

Introducing the Ruffle Vase, an exquisite centerpiece that exudes elegance and grace. With its sculptural design featuring delicate ruffled edges, this vase adds a touch of sophistication and artistic flair to any space.

The Basket

Introducing The Basket, a versatile and stylish storage solution that combines functionality with sophistication. With its medium size and impeccable craftsmanship, this basket is perfect for organizing various items while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your space.

The Scrunch

Introducing The Scrunch ceramic vase, a uniquely captivating centerpiece that artfully mimics the appearance of a scrunched paper bag. Crafted from sleek black ceramic, this vase blends modern aesthetics with whimsical charm, adding a touch of artistic elegance to your space.

The Modern

Introducing The Modern Vase, a sleek and contemporary centerpiece that showcases minimalist elegance. With its black cylindrical design and three bulging sections, this vase brings a modern touch to your decor, perfect for showcasing your favorite blooms with style.


Indulge in the subtle beauty of our cappuccino roses bouquet, featuring a stunning ensemble of roses in creamy beige and soft pink tones. These captivating blooms offer a harmonious blend of elegance and charm, making them a perfect choice for any occasion.
Each rose in our bouquet is meticulously hand-picked for its exquisite quality and unique coloration. The delicate shades of creamy beige and soft pink create a sophisticated and graceful aesthetic that is sure to impress. The velvety petals of our cappuccino roses exude a sense of luxury and refinement, adding a touch of opulence to any setting.
Our talented florists artfully arrange these cappuccino roses into a breathtaking display that is bound to mesmerize. Whether you’re expressing admiration, celebrating a special milestone, or conveying your heartfelt emotions, our cappuccino roses bouquet is a wonderful way to make a lasting impression. The gentle hues and elegant form of these roses make them an ideal choice for romantic gestures or sophisticated gatherings.

Shipping & Delivery

Standard Delivery

Delivery by our courier team. Three delivery slots each day:

9am-1pm | 2pm-6pm | 6pm-10pm.

Delivery fee is HK$120. Free delivery for orders above HK$800.

Our delivery staff will make every effort to deliver the flower arrangement to the intended recipient. However, if no one is available at the delivery location, we will provide the recipient with information on where the arrangement has been left.

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