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Christmas Bouquet

Elevate your holiday celebrations with our 'All I Want for Christmas' Bouquet. Bursting with festive charm, this handcrafted arrangement embodies the magic of the season. A thoughtful gift or a centerpiece for your holiday gatherings, it's a delightful way to spread Christmas joy.

Christmas Collection – Holiday Cheer

Spread joy and warmth with our "Holiday Cheer" flower box, a delightful combination of fresh pine, classic roses, and rustic pinecones, adorned with festive ornaments. Whether gracing your home or gifted to a loved one, this arrangement embodies the essence of Christmas cheer.

Christmas Collection – Pine Love

"Pine Love" is a festive flower box that intertwines the aromatic allure of fresh pine, the classic elegance of roses, and the rustic charm of pinecones. Adorned with seasonal ornaments, this arrangement is a perfect embodiment of Christmas joy, whether as a centerpiece or a heartwarming gift.

Christmas Collection – Santa Baby

"Santa Baby" is a lavish flower box blending the fresh fragrance of pine with 33 elegant roses, and a touch of mistletoe for added charm. This opulent arrangement is a festive expression of love, perfect for making your holiday celebrations truly magical.

Christmas Collection – Shine Bright

"Shine Bright" is a breathtaking flower box that combines the aromatic charm of fresh pine with the timeless elegance of roses, adorned with silver ornaments and a radiant silver star. Perfect for adding a touch of Christmas magic to your space or gifting someone special.

Holiday Whisper

Celebrate Christmas in style with Holiday Whisper—a delightful combination of an Ecuadorian red rose and mistletoe elegantly presented in a petite container. This festive creation is the ideal expression of holiday cheer, bringing joy and warmth to your celebrations.