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For Her – Basic

Gift her the epitome of luxury with our For Her - Premium Package. This exclusive offering features 12 months of personalized beauty services and five exquisite fresh flower bouquets, curated for Birthday, Valentine's Day, Chinese Valentine's Day Anniversary, and Christmas.. Elevate her every day with a year of pampering and a touch of extravagant romance.

For Her – Deluxe

Surprise her with the ultimate expression of love - our For Her - Deluxe Package. This exclusive offering combines 11 months of personalized beauty services with a monthly delivery of 20 fresh roses and a luxurious bouquet for Valentine's Day, the For Her - Deluxe. Gift her a year of unparalleled pampering and floral luxury.

For Her – Premium

Gift your beloved a year of beauty and bliss with our For Her - Basic Package. This exclusive package includes 12 months of customizable beauty services and 3 luxurious bouquets for Valentine's Day, Birthday and Anniversary. Elevate her senses and express your love with a thoughtful and romantic gesture.