Vibrant Elegance: Radiance showcases 19 shimmery pink roses, creating a stunning and vibrant floral arrangement. The soft, delicate pink tones of the roses exude elegance and charm. The shimmery effect adds a touch of sparkle, making this bouquet truly eye-catching.

Perfect for Any Celebration: This arrangement is perfect for any celebration, from birthdays to anniversaries. Radiance’s timeless beauty makes it a versatile choice for any special occasion. The pink roses symbolize love, admiration, and gratitude, making this bouquet a thoughtful and meaningful gift.

Expertly Crafted: Each rose is expertly selected and arranged to ensure a harmonious display. The combination of textures and colors creates a visually captivating effect. The shimmery pink roses add a touch of magic, enhancing the overall appeal of the arrangement.

Elegant Design: Radiance with pink roses, it’s elegant design reflects a meticulous attention to detail. The soft pink roses’ delicate color contrasts beautifully with the shimmery effect, creating an arrangement that stands out. The sophisticated presentation ensures that Radiance leaves a lasting impression.

Natural Beauty: The natural beauty of the shimmery pink roses shines through in this arrangement. Freshness and quality are prioritized, ensuring the flowers look their best for an extended period. The lush greenery complements the roses, adding depth and richness to the bouquet.

Versatile Gift: Radiance makes a versatile gift that suits any occasion. Its classic elegance and unique charm will delight anyone who receives it. Whether for a special celebration or to convey heartfelt emotions, this arrangement speaks volumes.

Source of Delight: Ultimately, let Radiance be a source of delight and joy. Its captivating beauty and elegant design make it a standout choice for any flower lover. The combination of shimmery pink roses creates a bouquet that is both timeless and contemporary.


Shipping & Delivery

Standard Delivery

Delivery by our courier team. Three delivery slots each day:

9am-1pm | 2pm-6pm | 6pm-10pm.

Delivery fee is HK$120. Free delivery for orders above HK$800.

Our delivery staff will make every effort to deliver the flower arrangement to the intended recipient. However, if no one is available at the delivery location, we will provide the recipient with information on where the arrangement has been left.

While we strive to incorporate the precise ingredients outlined in our recipes, occasional seasonal adjustments may be required, all with the aim of maintaining a consistent palette.