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Enchanting Elegance: Ambrosia captures the enchanting elegance of 19 cappuccino roses. These roses display a unique, warm hue that exudes


Blue rose 11 | Rose blue rose bouquet Dive into the depths of elegance with “Azure,” a captivating bouquet featuring


Baby bouquet | 33 pink and white roses | New beginnings floral ensemble Birthday flowers Heartfelt sentiments blooms Innocence and

Be Mine

Be Mine bouquet | Red Ecuadorian roses and white hydrangeas Declare your love with “Be Mine,” a captivating bouquet that


"Bleue" Bouquet - A Mesmerizing Mix of Serene Blue Blooms Experience the tranquility of "Bleue" - a bouquet featuring a captivating mix of serene blue blooms. Perfect for bringing a calming aura to any occasion or space.

Blue Beauty

The Blue Beauty Bouquet is a stunning arrangement of fresh flowers that combines the serene beauty of blue blooms with the vibrancy of other colorful flowers.

Blue Passion

Blue Passion bouquet | Blue roses and hydrangeas Indulge in the enchanting allure of “Blue Passion,” a captivating bouquet that

Calm Cappuccino

Delight in the captivating beauty of our cappuccino roses bouquet. These exquisite blooms, with their warm shades of creamy beige and soft pink, offer a perfect balance of elegance and charm. Hand-picked and carefully arranged, our cappuccino roses are a sophisticated gift that will leave a lasting impression. Order now and bring a touch of grace to your loved one's day!


Coffee bouquet | 12 cappuccino roses  Awaken your senses with our “Coffee” bouquet, a delightful arrangement featuring 12 charming cappuccino


Desire bouquet Orange spray roses Captivating floral ensemble Expression of passion blooms Bold emotions celebration flowers Fiery ardor arrangement Vibrant


Captivating Charm: Enchantment brings together 19 cappuccino roses with eucalyptus, creating a sophisticated and refreshing floral arrangement. The rich, warm


Euphoria bouquet Purple shimmer roses Mesmerizing floral ensemble Celebration of creativity blooms Enchantment and beauty flowers Shimmering petals arrangement Ethereal


Fairytale bouquet | 12 pink roses with baby’s breath | Romantic floral arrangement Love expression flowers Anniversary blooms Whimsical rose

Forever Love

Forever Love is a romantic bouquet of 19 red Ecuadorian roses, artfully combined with the invigorating presence of eucalyptus. This handcrafted arrangement speaks volumes about eternal love, making it the perfect gesture for those special moments.


Fuchsia bouquet | Pink roses with eucalyptus Enchanting floral ensemble Expression of love blooms Special moments celebration Graceful flower arrangement

Garden of Eden

Experience the beauty of the 'Garden of Eden' bouquet, featuring a garden rose surrounded by pastel-colored blooms and fragrant eucalyptus. Ideal for celebrations and creating a tranquil oasis, this botanical masterpiece is a testament to the enchanting beauty found in nature's embrace.

Flower Bouquet
A flower bouquet is a perfect choice when you need to give a gift for any occasion. Whether you are wishing somebody a happy birthday, saying congratulations, thanking somebody for something that they have done for you, or simply because you want somebody to know just how much you love and care for them, then you can’t go wrong with a stunning bouquet.

When you’re not sure what gift to buy for somebody who seems to have everything that they need or want to get something as a token of your love and appreciation to send a message that you’d struggle to put into words, you can do it with a beautiful flower bouquet.

We offer a range of bouquet options with something for everybody whether you need to cheer up a friend who is going through a tough time, want to wish somebody a happy birthday, congratulate somebody on their new job or a new qualification, welcome a baby into the world, or want to give romantic a flower bouquet to your significant other to let them know just how much you care for and appreciate them.

Choosing a Beautiful Bouquet from Lush Florist HK

Lush Florist HK offers a wide array of bouquets. You won’t find another online florist with the same expertise and emphasis on customer service as Lush Florist HK. There is a reason so many people choose to provide bouquets for holidays and celebrations.

Next-day delivery is available, making our gifts the perfect choice if you need to get something at the last minute. Have them delivered to yourself first or directly to your recipient anywhere in the Hong Kong Metropolitan area.